La nueva Mitología

An English author argues that today’s world, with its postmodern irrationality is simply a return to classical antiquity in many of their values and attitudes. The quest for active living and physical exercise in its various expressions is a remake of “mens sana in corpore sano.” The search for esoteric explanations to everything around us is an updated version of oracles, and curiosity about the alien beliefs brings us back to the Roman interest by foreign deities. While blooming myths and fanciful explanations among the people which is more or less educated. Bertrand Russell said it was easier to convince people of the absurd ideas that persuade reasonable concepts.

In ancient times, and even in more recent times, people blindly believed in witchcraft and the action of spirits of another world. Today it is hoped that outweigh the supposed doctrines given Western civilization, and to keep the secrets of happiness and wellbeing.

All of which constitutes a new mythology multiforme and confusing that it lacks the drive that had the Greeks and Romans. And it makes us doubt that the world really progresses.

Acerca de rasbe

I'm a lawyer. I was a Judge in the Highest Administrative Court of Colombia and now I'm partner in Saavedra Becerra Abogados S.A.S., a lawyers firm. At the same time I'm a n University professor on State Liability at the Javeriana University in Bogotá.
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